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Orthodontic Practice Management Software

If you run an orthodontic practice, you know the importance of management software. Using it will help you automate countless tasks. Dental practice management software is an absolute must, from sending bills and collecting payments online to reducing no-shows and increasing productivity. Here are a few of the most important benefits of such software. You’ll be glad you did!

Automates countless tasks

The cloud-based Orthodontic Practice Management software, Cloud 9 Ortho, automates countless administrative tasks without manually entering data into the database. Cloud 9 Ortho features an easy-to-use adjustment calculator, auto-payments, and customizable contracts. You can also set up responsible parties for auto-payments and create patient portals to accept payments. This orthodontic practice management software makes your life easier and can help you keep your patients and business information secure.

One of the benefits of using orthodontic practice management software is that it will help your practice comply with HIPAA regulations. It also tracks patient progress and records, saves electronic documents, and can even share information with other practitioners in your practice. Its many benefits make it an excellent investment for your practice. 

Allows you to send bills and collect payments online

In addition to offering customers electronic versions of their paper bills, many merchants and service providers also provide e-bills. They can even be notified by email, text message, bank app, or push notification when an account is due. Then, customers can choose to pay the total amount or set up automatic payments. Once customers sign up for e-bills, paying the bill becomes more accessible, faster, and more convenient.

Orthodontic Practice Management Software

Many banks and credit unions offer online bill pay. It’s an excellent option for those who need to track multiple bills or those who find it challenging to keep up with several different companies’ due dates. In addition, the convenience of managing payments to other companies eliminates the need for a checkbook and helps you stay organized. Many banks also offer online bill pay as part of their checking account features, while others may charge for access to Quicken financial software. To get started, look for free services like NerdWallet’s picks for the best banks and credit unions.

Reduces no-shows

The latest dental practice management software helps increase follow-up and reduce no-shows by automating dental scheduling, appointment reminders, and billing. These tools can also help dentists stay ahead of the curve by ensuring patients always have a spot in the schedule. In addition, they can send text messages and emails to patients when they’ve missed an appointment, and they’ll automatically be notified if they’ve canceled.

By automating appointment reminders, it’s possible to reduce no-shows by as much as 75%. A study by the University of Kentucky compared four different methods of appointment reminders, including email, phone call, and SMS text. Email was the best option for this research, but phone calls and emails were also influential. Both methods were effective at reducing no-show rates.

Increases productivity

An electronic record system can increase productivity by allowing employees to quickly access information from anywhere in the office. A lack of accessibility can cause unnecessary delays, such as when a doctor is reviewing a patient’s file and processing a claim. In addition, the dental team can complete multiple tasks with an electronic record system. The dentist can then focus on other tasks while completing the electronic records. The software also helps increase the practice’s efficiency by eliminating paperwork and enhancing office communication.

In addition to keeping track of appointments, OrthoTrac also helps dentists manage billing information and document patient correspondence. It features a financial estimator tool, which calculates treatment costs and provides a breakdown of monthly payments and the duration of the charges. The device also includes transparency by presenting the financial options for each patient. It can be accessed from the economic menu and allows users to view and edit each patient’s payment options.

Encourages patients to review your practice

Incentives like Facebook reviews and Google Places pages are important ways to attract new patients to your practice. But unfortunately, 92% of people check online reviews before making a purchase. Fortunately, practice management software can help you encourage patient reviews. It can also automate automatic emails or texts to patients when they leave their practices. The reviews you receive will help you better understand what your patients think of your practice and improve your chances of gaining new patients.

Incentivizing patients to write a review will help increase the quantity and quality of reviews. In addition, a large number of reviews will encourage future studies. There are several tools available that allow you to curate and display online reviews on your website automatically. The software also makes it easy for patients to submit their reviews and for other practice users to read them. You’ll get plenty of positive reviews if you offer a valuable incentive for your patients.